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Luke March

Head of Packaging

From my experience, Spawnpoint Media is a place where learning honestly meets fun. The company encourages an exciting work environment filled with challenging yet fulfilling tasks, alongside opportunities for creativity. Being part of a team that shares a common passion for content creation is truly fun as every day feels like you’re working with close friends rather than colleagues. Our work is important because it brings smiles to children around the world by turning our creative ideas into reality. It’s all about creating a positive impact!

Mustafa Contractor


Working at SPM is genuinely amazing! As the creative head, I get to bring ideas to life. The teams’ hard work and dedication creates an inspiring and fun work environment where everyone’s ideas contribute to our success! 

From my first day working here, I’ve experienced a company culture that not only values creativity, but also invests in the career growth of it’s employees by providing them with endless opportunities. 

Between all the media companies I’ve worked at, SPM has the best work culture and environment. I couldn’t feel more at home!

Lee Turnball

Head of Editing

My work is more than just editing videos; it’s about shaping stories that inspire and educate children. The supportive and creative environment here fuels my passion and growth. Every day is filled with teamwork, laughter, and a sense of belonging to a team that’s committed to making a positive impact. It’s incredibly fulfilling to be part of a team that not only creates but also cares deeply about the content and its influence on young minds.

Ethan Shepherd

Set Designer

We create fun and educational content for kids of all ages in an effort to provide a safe source of entertainment that can be respected and relied upon.

This is achieved through a friendly and welcoming internal environment for everyone in all areas.

Our team takes a multi-faceted approach to content production, actively expanding our avenues of engagement and seeking out new opportunities for our staff and the company as a whole; providing opportunities for people to learn and grow in their own time.

Jaime Piett

Head Manager

At Spawnpoint Media, we’re more than a team – we’re united by our passion for creating impactful content. Every day, we’re driven to push boundaries and infuse honesty and creativity into our work. 

It’s this commitment to innovation and meaningful storytelling that fills me with pride. Here, I’m not just doing a job; I’m part of a journey to empower and connect with our audience.

 Representing SPM is an honor, and the excitement of being part of something that genuinely makes a difference is what motivates me every day.

Sergi (1)

Sergi Pislar

Social Media Producer

We love to thrive in the SPM Work environment, where creativity has no bounds. 

We find immense joy in crafting content that captivates and inspires young minds. With a passion for making content for kids, we pour our heart and soul into each project, relishing the opportunity to bring smiles and laughter to the faces of children everywhere.

I genuinely love to create projects like this, and it shines through in every video we create.

Our Perks

Attractive Remuneration

to ensure you are paid your worth!

Spawn📍Points KPI
& Bonus Program

to reward you for high performance!

Industry-specific Training, Development and Specialisation

to give you an edge and excite your mind!

Career Progression

to give you stability and a long term future with us!

Our Culture

Spawnpoint Media’s culture, put plainly, is AWESOME! We are continuously crafting it and perfecting our environment to ensure it fosters positivity and innovation.

Our team is our highest priority. We believe if they’re not happy, our content will always be limited. We are committed to providing a workplace people look forward to, and a team that will form life-long friendships.

We go beyond being remote-friendly, we’re very intentional about treating our on-site and offsite employees with equal trust and value, resulting in a connected community- no matter where you work!

With our commitment to encouraging autonomy and freedom, we are investing into our industry-leading creative minds. By consistently innovating and embracing the never-ending change of Social Media, we look forward to continued success!

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