Launching New Updates

Dragon City is a mobile game that has been around since 2012. 
It has steadily added new features and updates to keep players interested, but sometimes players lose interest before developers have time to implement these.

The aim of our campaigns with Dragon City is always to announce to their key target market what exciting new things await them in the game, and convince them as to why they should jump back on, or reinstall the game!

While the same thing can be “technically” be achieved through a company posted trailer or blog post – to the average user this is just another bit of junk in the white noise of the internet.

But, if the announcement instead comes from their trusted internet source – our creators, suddenly they take note and listen. Instead of passively ignoring the advert, they are hooked; sparking conversations with friends and family and ultimately a reigniting of interest in the product, reviving the community.

Estimated Reach: 13M+ Impressions