Playstation x Genshin Impact

In 2022, Sony’s PlayStation had a global market share of 87.79% in the console space.
In 2022, Genshin Impact had 64 million monthly players.

At first, it might seem strange that after all this success Sony would come to us to promote Genshin Impact on PlayStation.

But, then you realise – in the information age; everything moves at lightspeed. What is new and shiny one day is old the next; and what comes next is defined by our most popular online personalities.

To ensure long-term relevancy and popularity of the game, and bring awareness to Genshin Impact’s Playstation launch we highlighted all the new features added in recent updates in a natural and relatable fashion, so that players likely to have missed these changes, are encouraged to return to the game.

Estimated Reach: 5M+ Impressions