Lacoste x Minecraft Collection

With the aim to bring fashion and gaming together, Lacoste launched a line of signature polos, shorts, tees, jumpers, accessories and footwear – for men, women & kids!

Clothing labels like Lacoste rely heavily on social status and brand loyalty. But, what if the next generation doesn’t care about that, or don’t see Lacoste as fulfilling these metrics?

That’s what this campaign is all about. Ensuring that the children and families playing Minecraft today, become the paying adults and customers of the future. Tying Lacoste products to the nostalgia, innocence and joy of their childhood, forever.

So how did we market this?

Lacoste didn’t just release clothing, but a full interactive Minecraft Metaverse experience [Click Here], that players could explore and enjoy – even wearing their favourite Lacoste clothing inside of Minecraft on their virtual characters!

EYstreem and Firelight jumped into this virtual world, whilst wearing the collection in the real world, making this a must-have experience for their fandom – creating those special childhood memories that produce brand loyalty and sales for life.

Estimated Reach: 5M+ Impressions