LEGO: Ninjago

To reignite the existing LEGO fandom and promote the brand new LEGO: Ninjago Dragon’s Rising Cartoon Series and it’s adjacent series of LEGO toy sets; EYstreem and Firelight joined forces to bring the characters and sets to life, in a hilarious original skit. 

Project Deliverables:
2x YouTube Shorts / TikToks
1x Instagram Story

LEGO: Super Mario

In the previous year, LEGO released an entirely new line of cutting-edge interactive and multiplayer augmented reality toy sets, featuring the beloved Nintendo Super Mario Brother characters and world, which enabled kids to build their own Super Mario levels in real life, and share them with friends.

However, this new technology was not yet familiar to families, and they didn’t understand the value of these sets as opposed to standard LEGO sets.

EYstreem and Firelight are two key influencers that inspire and educate the interests and buying decisions of today’s families and children, making them LEGO’s easy choice to build awareness and reach this market.

Project Deliverables:
1x YouTube Full-Video Integration
1x YouTube Integration (30s)
1x Instagram Story / TikTok
1x Instagram Post

Estimated Reach: 3M+ Impressions

LEGO: Minecraft

The aim of this campaign was to win back LEGO’s brand loyalty, key customer demographics and market share from Minecraft, and ensure that the next generation’s interest in LEGO continues.

Our professional Set Design team recreated each of LEGO’s new Minecraft Sets in Minecraft; to make LEGO relevant and relatable for this audience, bridging the divide between the virtual and physical world.

Project Deliverables:
1x YouTube Full-Video Integration
3x Custom Minecraft Sets (Builds)

Estimated Reach: 2M+ Impressions


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LEGO: Hidden Side

Hidden Side was LEGO’s first foray into Augmented Reality.
This new series of Sets, enabled players to scan their LEGO sets using an app on their mobile device, and play virtual mini-games inside their physical LEGO sets.

EYstreem introduced this concept in an exciting and fun way, to appeal to both older fans of LEGO and the next generation; building hype and driving sales for this new era of LEGO sets.


Project Deliverables:|
2x YouTube Full-Video Integrations
1x 1 Hour Livestream
1x Instagram Post
1x Instagram Story / TikTok


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