McDonald's Monpoly

Each year, McDonald’s hosts it’s “Monopoly with Macca’s” campaign, where customers can peel off Monopoly stickers on purchased meals for a chance to win awesome prizes. The prize pool in 2021 was worth $616m with prizes ranging from a new VW car and a Webber BBQ to years free supply of McDonald’s!

Our aim was to highlight the excitement of winning every time you peel a McDonald’s sticker; encouraging viewers to find out what they can win by purchasing products from their local McDonalds, whilst also building awareness of the “MyMacca’s” McDonald’s mobile app, that enables you to quickly scan and check what prizes you won to convert customers into app users.

Project Deliverables
1x Horizontal Advertisment for use on all Social Media Platforms
1x Vertical Advertisment for use on all Social Media Platforms

When working with successful brands such as McDonald’s, they often want lots of options that they can edit and shape into any format they like.
As media production experts, Spawnpoint Media, can provide RAW footage with slight various in dialogue, acting, setting and more to suit the needs of the client. 
Below are some examples of this RAW footage, provided to McDonald’s during the approval process: