RTX Raytracing

This is Nvidia’s hardware technology that realistically calculates visible and invisible rays of light. It enables lifelike lighting in computer games and animated 3D graphics that needs to be seen to be believed.

That’s exactly what this campaign aimed to do. To show as many people just how incredible RTX Raytracing truly is.
Given the product seems “to good to be real”; using audience-trusted creators such as our very own EYstreem, who have built strong-cult like followings enabled Nvidia to build brand trust, loyalty and awareness.

This clip of EYstreem was so impressive, it was reacted to by most popular YouTuber at the time, PewDiePie, skyrocketing this campaign into a viral success.

1x YouTube Video Integration

Estimated Reach: 10M+ Impressions


To build excitement and hype around GALAX’s new GPUs with Nvidia GeForce RTX, EYstreem gave away a Limited Edition Hall of Fame 2070 Super GPU and showcased how awesome video games look and feel when playing on Nvidia’s cutting edge hardware.

1x YouTube Full-video Integration
1x Instagram Post