Marketing beyond the present

RAZER is a modern company that understands the power of creators, such as our own to grow sales in the long-term.

Think of your favourite TV characters, celebrities or family members growing up. They wore a certain style of clothes, ate certain foods, used certain products and chances are you wanted those same things so badly, you would do anything to get them – and even now as an adult you still have a subconscious bias towards them. 

RAZER and Nanoleaf have sent our team plenty of computer and lighting equipment to use over the last few years, which makes it’s way into the background of all kinds of different content we produce. 

Even just by simply having our creators post images of RAZER and Nanoleaf products; you already know that when it comes to computer gear. This audience is going to pick RAZER. When it comes to awesome lighting. This audience is going to pick Nanoleaf.

Why? Because our audience respects our creators, they look up to our creators and they trust our creators as we have spent the entire life our company building strong relationships with our audience.