Our Metaverse

Be a Brand of the Future!

What is the Minecraft Metaverse?

The “metaverse” is an immersive virtual world in which players can interact with their environment, other players and overlap into the real world!

Our worlds exist within the virtual world of Minecraft! Each “world” our team builds is referred to as a “Minecraft Map”

How do you build a Minecraft Map?

We have a highly skilled and niche set of professional Developers, Level and Set Designers, and Builders who use a variety of techniques to make each world fully immersive and interactive.

Their skills include:
– Bespoke Minecraft Builds (Using WorldEdit, WorldPainter, Blender and more!)
– Command Block Functionality
– Datapack Functionality (Microsoft Visual Studio, .JSON formats)
– Bespoke Mods & Custom Coding (Java, C++ Languages)
– High quality Models and Artwork (Blockbench, Geckolib, Blender, Cinema4D) 

These enable us to bring anything you can imagine into the world of Minecraft.

Who are Minecraft Maps for?

We can make Minecraft Maps for anyone, for any reason! However, most of our customers fall into these two categories:

1. Your are a Company/Brand that wants to Sell/Advertise/Promote your Product/Brand to our highly loyal audience of families in a modern, unique and engaging new way.

2. You are a Creator/Media Company/YouTuber that wants to elevate your content with bespoke custom high quality assets, maps and resources – without wasting your precious time and energy, hiring or managing people and deadlines.

Have a look at our best work!

Discover our custom virtual Worlds and Player Experiences built in-house for interactive exploration, education and entertainment.