About Us

Spawnpoint Media is the leading Media Production Company for high-quality  videos, content, products and metaverse experiences. Specialised in Minecraft for children and adults if all ages. We generate revenue through in-video advertising, brand sponsorships and intergrations, and the sale of merchandise and metaverse products such as Minecraft Maps, Skin Packs (virtual outfits) and cosmetics on our Minecraft Server.

Since 2021, Spawnpoint Media has created the most watched Australian-produced gaming YouTube content in the world, every year.







Our Mission

Our mission is to launch and support the next generation of high-performing family-friendly creators, that are more than just views. We strive to maintain the soul, love, joy and personality of children in our content to inspire and support them through teaching positive social, creative and academic skills and values, building communities that will foster friendships and creativity. 

We believe in empowering people in our team and giving them opportunities for personal growth in an industry they love to promote a culture that esteems innovation and positivity. We are committed to always provide value back to our audience and our team through high-quality content.

Our Content

We create a wide variety of gaming content and products for adults and children of all ages. Our primary content is family friendly long-form (10-20 minute) and short-form (60 second or less) videos set in the virtual world of Minecraft, or in real life. We produce relevant and relatable sponsored content, featuring our celebrities and talent, tailored for brands looking to set themselves apart in the eyes of the next generation on Social Media. We handle the entire production process through ideation, writing, filming, editing, marketing and release internally; allowing for an unrivalled level of quality.

We also create metaverse products that allow our audience to engage in interactive experiences that bring our videos to life; including custom Minecraft Worlds and Skins (virtual outfits) and a Minecraft Server which children can explore and play with friends.

Our Story

Our Founder and CEO, Jordan Barclay, started filming and editing videos when he was just 5 years old in the rural town of Bendigo, Australia.

He immediately fell in love with bringing stories to life, and by the time he was 10 he had a new favourite hobby; video games, especially the newly released game of Minecraft, which was only 2 years old when he started making playthrough gameplay and tutorial videos for the EYstreem YouTube channel in 2012.

Jordan wanted to share the love and joy he had for stories, movies and video games with his friends, and now fast-forward to today, he gets to do just that, but now with an incredibly talented team that can bring even the biggest ideas to life to inspire and bring joy and entertainment to millions of children worldwide, whilst teaching them social, creative and academic skills and values, that no matter their background, race, ethnicity, wealth, family or schooling situation, will have a positive impact on their lives, build communities that foster friendship and creativity and set them up for a future of success in all aspects of their teenage and adult lives.


Our Culture

Spawnpoint Media’s culture, put plainly, is AWESOME! We are continuously crafting it and perfecting our environment to ensure it fosters positivity and innovation.

Our team is our highest priority. We believe if they’re not happy, our content will always be limited. We are committed to providing a workplace people look forward to, and a team that will form life-long friendships.

We go beyond being remote-friendly, we’re very intentional about treating our on-site and offsite employees with equal trust and value, resulting in a connected community- no matter where you work!

With our commitment to encouraging autonomy and freedom, we are investing into our industry-leading creative minds. By consistently innovating and embracing the never-ending change of Social Media, we look forward to continued success!

Our Values


We encourage our employees to think outside the box, innovate and find new ways to provide value to our audience


We believe in building trust, friendship and solidarity amongst our employees and our viewers for a positive and supportive culture


Video games are fun. Working here should also be fun! We believe in enjoying the production process and making our work and content fun for us and the audience.


We believe in working efficiently and effectively, fully committing ourselves to every detail, to produce lovingly crafted content that you and the rest of the team can be proud of.


We aim to inspire, excite, educate, and provide role models for our audience through content that teaches children positive social, creative and academic skills and values.


We are not complacent in our work; assuming a stance of humility in all things, so that we may be constantly striving, innovating and pursuing growth to push the boundaries.


We are patient, and detail-oriented, act strategically and identify root causes to go beyond surface-level analysis for wise decisions and good judgement.


We produce content that is family-first; appealing to all ages and backgrounds, that trascends generational differences to bring families closer together through laughter and entertainment.